Cast No Blame

I was just thinking about how good people who are angry do not always identify the so-called “enemy” correctly…
Like for instance, our Indigenous friends whose ancestors were treated as if they were not even members of the human race, are now (much too late) being compensated, to an extent, by a Liberal government – which was voted in democratically by the Canadian people.

I believe the government is doing the right thing. It’s what the Liberal and NDP do. They spend money attempting to do “the right thing”. Sometimes they do the rightt thing wrongly, but at least they try.

Then the next thing you know, the Conservatives get elected and their job is to mind the money. And that too is a necessary thing. They cut out social projects and slim down some of the funding being doled out to the less fortunate people in our society. ( And to some who are NOT unfortunate)

The Conservatives are the brakes and the Liberals are the gas. The poor old car keeps chugging along as the political parties change gears back and forth.

The thing is, we should not cast blame on people (and political parties) for doing what they are supposed to do. And most importantly, I think we should not cast blame on recipients who receive compensation for past wrongs.

We can’t change the past but something had to be done to ease our conscience. The wrongs done to our Indigenous people were humongous.

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