My Fitbit is ALIVE!!

I went back to bed this morning. My new Fitbit watch indicated I needed more sleep to be healthy. And I had yawned my way all through toast and coffee.

I had just about drifted off when my wrist, which was beneath my ear on the pillow, jerked as if it was alive. And I could hear this buzzing sound.

My Fitbit was now connected to Facebook. I had no idea how it had happened but I definitely needed more sleep.

My last conscious thought was “‘The machines are taking over the world” Next thing I knew my husband and I and our numerous young children, including a baby I kept forgetting about, were bundling up for a car-ride.

Apparently, I was committed to competing in a sporting event of some kind, where I needed to dress in costume. I had rushed back into the house to find the various items of clothing and shoes I was to wear. I could not find the shoes.

All of a sudden – I believe it was the microwave that was the first appliance to act up – began moving as if it was alive. I also began receiving messages from other normally innaminate objects. My husband was not in the house when these strange events were occurring. The desktop computer was safely confined in the basement but I realised it was quite menacing. I slammed the door in its metallic face, but I knew it could easily get out and into the upper part of the house.

While we were in the car along with our numerous children, strange and scary movements began to happen that were not the faultof the driver. We were being thrown around and about to crash. It was then I remembered the baby. but she was asleep in the arms of an older child. She awoke with a smile on her cute little face.

At that point I woke up too. I was shaking. I wanted to throw my new Fitbit across the room. It was telling me that both Lisa and somebody else had birthdays today.

I hope they both have Happy Birthdays.

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