Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC

What’s My Job?

My personal belief is that we all, whether we realize it or not, have a job to do here on this earth. And possibly, as we carry on into the next world as well. Perhaps we are all part of “The Whole?”

Our talents and inspirations direct us as we journey along through life. If we happen to straggle off the path for awhile, that’s okay. It’s how and when we learn to get better at the job (or jobs) we are supposed to do.

Writers must write. Builders must build. Rulers must rule. It doesn’t matter that we’re not very good at what we do. Eventually we get better. Or perhaps another person whom we encounter is inspired to do the job even more successfully. It doesn’t matter who does it, as long as it gets done.

Perhaps the world of humanity is akin to a giant bee hive?

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