Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC



I need to step back 

From all the chaos 

I need to get back to 

Everyday living 

Bake a cake 

Wash the dishes 

Cast no blame 

Don’t ruminate 


I need to know the answer 

To a question 

Why is the sky blue 

And why I can no longer 


With you 


I want to know the meaning 

Behind the turmoil 

And the pain 

All the hurtful jargon 

That cannot be 


But the answer’s 

Far too complex 

For me to listen up 

There are reasons 

Behind the Theseus 

A Greek god of  

Nothing much 

There’s been times 

I’ve sensed a purpose 

Beyond the human mind 

All is well and 

Soon the chaos 

Will be processed and behind. 

Like Jeopardy the answer 

Is not the vital clue 

I need to ask the question 

Which I do not know  

Of you… 

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