Drug & Alcohol Addiction (a double whammy)

The basic trigger that can lead to addiction is in swallowing, inhaling or injecting a chemical ingredient which produces a pleasing sensation in your brain/nervous system. It could end up in a desperate search for the ultimate “high,” requiring more and more of the chemical to produce half the effect. Long term chemical dependence encourages social interaction with others imbibing the same substance. When you finally decide you need to regain your health and return to a normal lifestyle, that can be a double whammy.

Not only will you need to overcome extremely unpleasant and sometimes painful withdrawal symptoms, you will likely lose your connectivity to your peer group. After years of dependency, your fellow addicts may be your only friends. You will have to endure and overcome many physical, mental and emotional challenges, as well as connect with a brand new social network.

It ain’t easy adjusting to normality. But as far as I’m concerned, those who’ve conquered addiction are heroes. The ones I’ve known have proved to others in the same boat that a state of sobriety is possible.

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