Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC

Poetry Month April 2022

Sunshine and Showers

April 1st.

The finches are back

Birds of Spring

Tiny winged bodies

Competing briskly

For morsels of seeds


In funky containers

Set up by humans for bird

Convenience and human


The winter birds have left

Mostly chickadees

More polite and sharing

Than the finches

So Canadian:

I almost heard their “please”

And “thank yous” as

They took turns at the feeder.

April 2nd

An early morning walk

Nice crisp morning

Ice on the puddles

Sun in the sky

April 3rd

It’s a “grey” day

No sunshine

Dark clouds in the sky

It is April

S’posed to be pretty

S’posed to be warm

But it’s a grey day

April 4th

Unto every life a little snow must fall

But soon the sun will surely shine

Northerners should voice a poignant call

To the gods to listen to us whine

We have shovelled and we’ve driven

Through six months of frigid weather

The snow must go so we can live in

A warmer world together

April 5th

Today is foggy, so’s my brain

A cold dark morn, it’s snowed again

I drink coffee, play a Scrabble game

No birds outside – I cannot blame

If they’ve returned from whence they came

At least down there, precipitation’s rain.

April 6 (in the morning)

There’s a brightness oozing

Between the louvres of

The Venetian blinds

In my kitchen

Sunshine is spreading

It’s golden aura

Of warm intimacy

Over the crusted mud

And old snow

Still layering the stubble

I open all the curtains

The view’s the same

Spring is here!

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