I Love My Fellow Humans

What’s on my mind, Facebook asks? I am thinking about “God” “Allah” “Our Creator” “Great Spirit” and all other honorable labelling of Whomever created and continues to create, recreate, renovate, and update bits and pieces of our universe and all other universes; suns, moons and stars.

I used to believe “God” was male, and then women began speaking up, referring to The Great Spirit as a woman – as they did in ancient times. I’ve since come to believe that there is no reason to identify The Creator as being either male or female. I believe that He/She/It is unknowable ; perhaps an emmense divine form of spiritual energy?

I am an infitesminally tiny speck of soul-energy encased in a rapidly deteriorating shell. I beieve I have fullfilled some of what I was supposed to do: have children, and in turn, many of my children have had children. Some of us have picked up on an element in our lives that was in dire need of improvement, such as the abhorrent treatment of animals; and also our blaze attitude toward the most vulnerable of our fellow humans.

At the moment I am very upset that so much that is wrong in our society is based upon reluctance to accept change. Change is what life is all about. Right now there are crises happening that we cannot and should not ignore. “School shootings” have become an almost commonplace phenomena in our so-called “civilized” world.

What’s so surprizing and frightening is that those who are screaming out in agony and anger that the killing of children must be, and can be stopped, are sometimes considered to be heretic and possibly even treasonous!

I believe the Creator has given us the gift of a kind and loving spirit. It seems obvious that we are basically supposed to bear children and do the best we can to look after them. We may screw up in certain aspects of raising them but we love them. Later, as we age and our children have grown, we celebrate the beauty and collective joyousness of being around other people’s children. We want them ALL to have fun, to excell and most importantly of all, to survive. That an unstable or hate-ridden human hurts a child in any way shape or form we must make NOISES.

There is an evangelist on television at the moment and he is definitely inspiring. He believes in the power of prayer and I do agree with him on that. But the Creator has also given us intellect and the ability to make noises. When we are really disturbed about an injustice that can easily be solved, we need to speak out.

I believe our natural state of mind is to be happy or at least tranquil. Things pop up which impell us to help others , or/and communicate with others in comforting ways. That way we find happiness. But if we suffer from depression , that is because it is a biological illness. There are medications that help to an extent. I am a strong believer in therapy as well. We deserve to be happy.

On the other hand there are those out there who care only for themselves.I’ve been thinking about wars and the reasons for wars. I believe most philosophical considerations, such as “freedom” and perhaps even religion, are merely the face that is put on them to disguise the real reason for battling, and that is greed. Dictators such as Hitler and Putin, after they manage to acquire power, want to make a name for themselves by pretending to be good guys ( and big and strong guys, Superman types. Don’t we all love Superman!) The Second World War was about Germany wanting to reacquire trading power on the world scene after losing WW One. Hitler and the Nazi’s seemed to be the heros to the German people. Nazis were excellent at creating propaganda, putting down every racial, sexual, group of people who were not white skinned, blonde, tall and so-called “normal.” I saw stuff in the War Museum in Jerusalem that was disgusting! When I researched for my book “Common Threads” (about my grandmother) I learned WW One had been ignited by the two big trading countries, Britain and Germany, wanting to sell more manufacturing products than the other. Greed pure and simple!

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