Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC

Choices and Changes

Guess we triple-dosers are becoming disillusioned upon learning that we are still not completely immune to the Covid 19 virus. But I don’t think we should cast blame upon those brilliant minds who have been valiantly fighting this invading miscroscopic alien creature. The virus was brand new to health science researchers and pretty darn scary when it began spreading throughout the human world in late 2019. Researchers had basic references on file to other somewhat similar viruses (including the deadly SARS epidemic which luckily did not reach Western Canada before it was stopped in its tracks) It helped them to come up with basic recipes on how to concoct an effective vaccine. But the recipe was vague so they had to change dosages etc as a cook would vary the number of eggs to make the best cake. And the wee virus kept changing as viruses do in their collective need to survive. So apparently the little €££÷:”% can now take over the world. But apparently in doing so, this latest varient has lost its deadliness. We are (hopefully) left with something similar to the influenza virus which can be controlled to an extent by yearly doses of a vaccine.
I caught the influenza bug one year from my wee grandaughters and generously gave it to my husband. We were so sick that we vowed never to skip our yearly shots. We never had side effects from the various vaccine ingredients and I have never regretted having the shots. I’ve been sick, but never as sick as when I got the full dose of flu from my cute little granddaughters.

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