Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC


Yesterday was stressful. Spent hours attempting to download and copy our vaccination cards on both mine and George’s computers and then hopefully, print them out. My old Window 7, now a 10, is sometimes reliable but slow. George’s is new and fast but has strange habits. Turned out both computers locked out on us and I noticed all accessible networks here at the Lodge had little locks on their availability. Did I do that??? They recovered after awhile…..
My printer and I have disagreed before and yesterday was no exception. It is new and came with no instructions whatever. All its quirks and quarkes are encased in a manuel that has not yet been completely retrieved from its innards. My problem is that I learn something and am confident that I have it in my brain and then ‘Poof!’ It is gone.
Thank you Elaine (@ Autumn Services for plasticing our shiny new vaccination passports! Now we can attend restaurants, bars, events…..problem is I am too tired to go anywhere!


  1. Jane Duval said:

    Sorry for your woes… glad it’s finally sorted! From what I hear, it’s not just us ‘oldsters’ having issues…

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