I’m thinking about a response I received years ago from the then manager of Fraser Lake Inn, when I applied for a job as a waitress. I’d had very little experience, but Ray (I think that was his name?) said that was good. He wanted his employees to do the job his way. “It’s far easier to learn new job habits ,” he explained. “Than to unlearn old habits.”

Maybe that’s true in other aspects pertaining to the human condition?

I am really perplexed about our seemingly divided views on important subjects. What about my deeply held thinking habits re things such as advocating for vaccination against diseases? Should I unlearn my tendency to go along with the status quo? I strongly believe in being vaccinated but perhaps I am wrong?

What about abortion? My personal observation of friends who’ve been through it, is that abortion is against a woman’s natural need to nourish the baby that is inside her. It is very hard on a woman to have an abortion because it is against nature. She suffers mentally and emotionally after having that abortion. But on the other hand, I had a misscarriage at 2 and a half months. It was definitely not a fully developed fetus, by any sense of the word, at that stage of the game. I felt no emotional attachment…should I have felt sad?

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