Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC

It all boils down to choices about whom we choose to trust and about whom we choose not to trust.

In regards to the Covid Pandemic, I choose to believe that the children , in whom our country and countries throughout the entire world have invested good money in, in order to educate them to become scientists, need to be trusted.

They have not only used their own exceptional minds that God gifted them with, as well as the wealth of knowledge passed down to them by previous scientists (who learned what worked and what didn’t work) but they now have amazing tools and data bases on the DNAgroupings of simliar viruses. That’s why these vaccines are as effective as they are.

There is bound to be screw ups from time to time. My thoughts re side effects are that those same people would have suffered even more terribly and likely died if they had contacted the virus itself. It hasn’t been stressed enough that Covid 19 is an emergency situation similar to what people were told to do during WW 2. I lived at the Coast and still remember the blackouts, ration tickets etc. It was what we had to do. Don’t know if anyone complained about “conspiracies.” It was just was we had to do because we were facing a common enemy. Same thing as nowadays and the terrible virus that is mutating into a more dangerous one because that’s what viruses do.

My cousin’s healthy 3 yr old granddaughter contacted a caronavirus (not Covid 19) and died suddenly only a few years ago. Such a horrific tragedy that the entire family is very slowly recovering from! You can bet your booties the entire family has now had their Covid 19 shots!

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