History- telling it like it was

I have been re-reading some of my favourite non-fiction books this past while. I love the stories told by those who were there, who personally experienced the happenings. The ones that others in later years gloss over, too often re-telling those same tales, tainted by their own predudices, experiences and misinformation.

Local history books are great and i am especially proud of our own “Deeper Roots and Greener Valleys” Right now I am emersed in Chapter 9 “Stories From The Past.” Those particular stories were collected and compiled by Dianne Lewis and Gina Baker in June 1978 and included in the book published by our historical society in 1986.

George Seymour’s contribution which begins on page 303, is interesting and enlightening. He worked at the Lejac Residential School Farm and described how the children were put to work digging potatoes etc. Well told stories told by an intelligent and hard working man who lived a hard life back in the day.

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