Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC

Early Morning Blurbs

Well, my arm still hurts a bit but feels better than it did last night. I have none of the other possible side effects mentioned by the nurses who arrived at Silver Birch Lodge yesterday morning to provide us “oldies” with our second shot of the coronavirus 19 vaccine.

We are good to go. But now I’ve learned that there’s been a few cases of people not being totally immunized by even the second shot? Covid 19 is a nasty bug. Possibly those same people would have died if they had not received those two shots of the preventative.

It was on the News yesterday that our province is almost up to the stage where the population has reached herd immunity. That apparently means our collective immune systems have the arnament – so to speak – to ward off future invasions by the virus.

Now that I’ve the age of maturity healthwise and have nowhere to go except downhill, I have become very aware of almost daily attacks on my immune system. Some days I can almost visualize the battle lines being drawn up. So far the enemy has been blocked and beaten by my heroic soldiers. The big thing is to know the enemy and it’s weaknesses.

And in some unhappy cases there happens to be what is known in military terms as “Friendly Fire.” That would relate to diseases where our immune systems attack themselves. There seems to be more and more of these quite debilitating diseases developing in unsuspecting people lately. All that can be done medically is to treat the symptons. We need to eat healthier, exercise more and sleep longer. We need to build up the strength and intelligence in our immune systems.

Another thing that affects us (me anyway) is the weather. My parents used to talk about aches and pains when the barometric pressure and weather changed. I remember snorting derisively to myself. But I am finding that it’s true. It’s not the sunshine, rain, snow or forty below that makes the bones ache. It’s the abrupt changes in climate. Lately there has been weather changes reminescent of all four seasons almost every day. The only thing constant is the wind.

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