Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC


Haikus for Fast month March 2021

God’s all-embracing
Love, like whipped cream
On strawberries

Yesterday’s snowstorm
A desolate memory
Today the sun shines!

A rose by any other name
Is still a rose,
Something like religion

The unwavering soul
Shines with a brilliance
That transends the night

Eyes feast upon beauty.
Ears absorb music.
Mans’ art, gifted by God

The sun rises in the east,
As does each spiritual

Reaching out to those
Whose hearts are
Open to receive

Darkness is dispersed
As the sun rises
Above the mountains

Love is everywhere
We only have
To distribute it

Those who portray arts
And crafts advance the
Civilization of mankind
Let us not let anger rule
When dark thoughts
Obscure our way

Strands of darkness
Entwined with the light of love
In every one of us

Abide within the Eternal Nest
Embrace the divine prescence
Be not bereft of its glory

The beauty and innovation
Of human creativity
“Uplifts the world of being”


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