In an earlier life, I was able to multi-task quite well. With a baby on my hip and a child or two toddling behind, I was able cook, launder and , sometimes, even hold down a job creating meals for hungry loggers and sawmill workers.

Now my short term memory only permits me one thought at a time to direct my everyday activities. As soon as I turn on a burner on my stove, I need to set up the timer on my cell phone for a designated period of time, to remind me of what I am doing. Otherwise the smell of burnt whatever, permeates the air, while I am watching TV or checking out Facebook.

It’s as if a curtain has fallen on that particular stage of my existence and scene one has been delegated into the past. Whenever the timer goes off, it’s almost always: “What the heck is that all about!!?”

My cellphone is the best timer I’ve ever owned. It plays loud music, rather than the pinging that dollar store timers are usually only capable of emitting. I am hard of hearing and often unable to pick up on their whimpy warnings.

The only thing is, I get excited when my phone plays that lovely “Down By The Seaside” song. I find myself streaking across the kitchen floor, anticipating a phone call or at the very least a text, from a friend.

What a let-down. But, thanks anyway Telus, no more burnt pies in my oven.

I drag my thoughts back to 15 minutes or so ago to when I put the pies in the oven. “Oh right, the pies!”

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