A Poem a Day Project

“It’s taken me years to begin searching, to realise that the days are not linear, that time does not simply move forward but spirals closer and closer to a shifting center…” (From “Do Not Say We Have Nothing” by Madeleine Thier”)

Why does time so quickly pass
When old we are, no longer young?
When books we’ve read
And songs we’ve sung
Are now forgot and tales we’ve spun
Do not slip easily off the tongue?

Our youth’s long past and middle-age
Is where our children’s lives have steered
And even grandkid’s birthdates veered
Past the triple-decade years.

Our great-grandkids up on the wall
Their baby pictures still pristine
A few already in their teens
Are graduating soon it seems.

The Chinese compare the passage of time to a funnel?

So that is why
My time has sped,
Since hair turned grey upon my head
My years have reached the funnel’s depth
Where fewer rings of time are left
And those I’ll gratefully accept.

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  1. Edit last line first word ‘But’ change to ‘And’

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