If I Were Cook at the Legion

Well, I hear the Legion is in need of a new cook once again and my old camp cooking muscles are twitching. Not twitching much because they would find me dead on the kitchen floor after the first hour. (Actually I think I could last 2 or even 3 hours, if I had a nap every 15 minutes)

I would like to put in my nickle’s worth of advice about how to feed a senior. I’m referring to the Senior Meals Program that are prepared and delivered from the Fraseer Lake Legion kitchen each and every week day. Only 9 dollars for entree, soup or salad, a homemade bun (Erica makes the best buns!) and dessert. The meals are delivered to your door between 3:30 and 4pm (We need more volunteer drivers by the way.)

Each of our cooks have been excellent and have offered a wonderful variety of meals. (I’m sorry to hear Corey is leaving. I really liked the way he prepared sweet and sour pork and salisbury steak)

One problem for me is that I am a senior and as such, wear dentures (I have chewing challenges) I also have taste challenges and do not handle overly sweet, overly salted, or overly spicy foods very well.  Give me roasts, spuds and lots of gravy. For dessert: any kind of pudding- no cake or cookies. I also like Jello with a touch of whipped cream on top!

I have to admit that on a day-to-day basis I prefer plain old meals and will head off to Duggies or Tonys or elsewhere, for more exotic excursions into culinery excellence.

The Legion puts out a menu each month. If you are a senior, or disabled, you just call the Legion 250-699-6268 the day before the desired meal is being served.  And if you’d like to recieve the full meal deal for the entire month, you just place your order in for that.

A quick and easy chicken recipe was invented by my husband. He used Graham Wafer crumbs to make homemade Shake and Bake chicken. He added garlic and onion powder (not salt) and pepper. Just moisten pieces of chicken and shake in bag with crumbs.  Bake in 350 degree oven for 20 minutes, turn over, and cook for another 15 minutes or so.













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