Sept 16, 1976 Sense and Nonsense

Dear Mom: I hear on the weather news that it has been raining down there too. The weather man says this has been the wettest summer since 1955. The forecast has been so repetitious lately that they have been inventing new phrases to describe it. Did you hear the forecast on TV the other night? B.C. was to receive “moist impulses”. Sounded a little better than, “cloudy with showers”.

Do you remember the summer of 1955? That was the summer I ventured out into the wide wonderful world to pick strawberries in the Fraser Valley. I remember my embarrassment when I stepped down from the bus at Aldergrove in the pouring rain. My old cardboard suitcase fell apart, scattering undies and other clothing across the wet pavement. The bus driver was very kind.  He didn’t even smile as he helped me pick them up. Yes, it did rain a lot that summer. I made very little money in the strawberry patch. The girls at the next farm made more money than we did picking rotten berries and throwing them away.

I am sure it has rained more this summer than it did in 1955. Our garden has been saturated all summer. The vegetables have huge leaves, long roots and very little in between. The lettuce is doing well, although I am reluctant to remove the heads for fear of decapitating those ugly little animals they call slugs. They are everywhere. I wonder where they are during a hot, dry summer? Does the sun shrink them to miniature size?

We received a letter from my brother (your son), He said it is disheartening to watch the hay gradually change color from a glossy green to a dull black in the fields. The same thing is happening here. The only good hay I have seen were a few bales on display at the bank the other day. They were sitting out there where anybody could see and touch them. I suppose they hadn’t gotten around to placing them in a bank vault, yet. I thought it may have been safer to leave money lying around this year – ha ha!

I wonder if the rain has caused the epidemic of deafness around here. A lot of people have been saying, “huh?” “pardon me?” and “repeat that please”. I had it for one week. The doctor took one look and whispered “ugly wax build-up!” At least I think that is what he said. He prescribed ear drops three times a day. I discovered that applying ear drops successfully is not a solitary endeavour – one needs a friend. Sometimes it is hard to find a friend three times a day, especially at 2:00 a.m. when you remember.

Love from Your daughter

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