Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC


1974 10 10 Sense and Nonsense

It Is now October which brings to mind that this is the month for two big days, Thanksgiving and Halloween. Some months have no special days in them but October is better than most with two. Anyway both occasions call for a pumpkin. The inside pulp to be made up into the traditional pumpkin pies and the outside rind to be carved out into a jack-o-lantern for Halloween night.

A lady in Ashcroft has grown what must be a record size pumpkin. It weighed around 80 pounds. One would have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to make up that much pumpkin into pies. It would make a dandy jack-o-lantern though. You could use a power saw to carve out the face and build a bonfire inside the pumpkin to light it up. The kids could roast wieners and marshmallows through the eye, nose and mouth holes.

This pumpkin weighed more than the lady who grew it, as she is a small person weighing 73 pounds. It Is possible that she could make a small home for herself In it such as Peter’s wife did In the nursery rhyme. I don’t know what the housing situation is like in Ashcroft but if It is typical, a large pumpkin would be more than adequate. She could have it wired and have plumbing installed.

Town zoning laws could be sticky though if she wanted to set it up on a residential lot. She would probably have to mount wheels on it and set it up in a trailer court, I think if I were her I would plant a whole row of pumpkins next year and rent them out. They would make novel motel units. People would probably detour for miles to spend a night in one.

I have even thought of a name for her motel. She could call it Peter’s Place.

Being a woman, her name probably isn’t Peter but she could call herself that for advertising purposes. It is possible, of course, that she is married to a man named Peter anyway,

There would be a number of advantages to living in a round house as opposed to the traditional square type. In fact, architects have been toying with the idea quite a lot lately. There would be no corners to collect dust and ugly wax-buildup. One could have wall to wall braided rug throughout. A circular design would fit in with the scenery better too. I understand a curve is more predominate in nature than a straight line. I am certain that a pumpkin house would blend in well almost anywhere.

This area is a bit too far north for growing record pumpkins out in the garden. They would grow well in a greenhouse though. We are not pumpkin eaters ourselves so have never tried it. I think I shall plant one seed in a corner of the greenhouse next year. This corner once grew an extremely large dandelion plant.. We didn’t realize it was there as it hid behind a tomato plant all summer. When my husband discovered it, it had one leaf approximately a yard long,

In fact it was far healthier than any of the other things in the greenhouse. I am wondering if some of the stuff we sprayed on the tomatoes inadvertently caused its’ gigantic growth? It might be similar to the potion used in some of the old mad scientist movies. In the movies the plants and animals achieving gigantism also became intelligent and developed evil tendencies. Our dandelion developed no such traits, and if it became intelligent, it hid it well.

But a pumpkin is a different kind of vegetable. I should write that lady in Ashcroft and find out whether or not her pumpkin was friendly.

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