Oct 23, 1974 Sense and Nonsense

The Xmas ”wish” books are out and are definitely on the best seller list for the little kids. I think they get more fun out of looking at the pages of lovely toys than they do out of the toys themselves on Christmas Day. At least “looking.” and “wishing” require imagination. Most of these toys are so realistic, even to the labelling on the supermarket food set. The kids don’t even have to choose the brand names of their “groceries”.

Barbie, Big Jim, and G.I. Joe have built-in adventures with every set. They come complete with a wardrobe and all the props necessary. G.I. Joe has a Kung Fu grip this year and is more invincible than ever – be it on land, sea or In the air (depending on which package you buy). Some of these dolls can talk in English or French and they all have moveable limbs.

I am waiting for them to put out a doll that can wash dishes and sweep floors. That doll I can use myself.

Barbie and her pals are still among the best dressed in catalogue-land. They all have beautiful clothes, but this year they seem to be doing a lot of camping out. I would like to advise them that blue jeans and sneakers are best for that activity. I hope they remember the insect repellant, matches, and raincoats. This time of the year Barbie would be well advised to leave her baby-doll pyjamas at home and borrow a pair of Ken’s long-johns.

I wonder what happened to the yard goods which used to be stamped with Barbie doll clothes. The material was printed up like a sewing pattern only the pieces were in a colourful print. The kids cut out the pieces and sewed them together. The outfits were very simple to make as they didn’t require buttons, zippers, belts or trim. The kids didn’t mind though and were very proud of their dressmaking results.

At first glance the baby dolls haven’t changed much this year. Some of them cry and say, “Mama” but then they’ve been doing that for years. A lot of them wet their pants but wett-um dolls have been around for a long time. However there is one doll that does something new. New for dolls that is, not babies. It eats solid food – chews and swallows the stuff. It comes complete with disposable diapers so I assume what goes in comes right out.

The batteries to operate the doll and the food refills are extra. It does have extra diapers but I believe Mommy and Daddy would be wise to buy an extra box of them. In the long run it might be cheaper to have a real baby.

It is nice that all dolls can be left out in the rain nowadays. Most of them seem to end up out there anyway. When I was a kid my favorite doll’s entire face peeled off after only one rainstorm. I wasn’t that fond of the doll until after I saw it in this sad shape. I cried for a week. I think a lot of little girls grew up with a guilt complex because of this. The doll is associated with their inborn maternal instinct, which becomes wrought with feelings of insecurity that may carry on into later life.

I wonder if Freud or Bob Newhart have ever thought of that?

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