Mar.13/75 Sense and Nonsense

This year has been designated National Women’s Year by the Government. Millions of dollars are being spent on this worthy cause. Some people would like to convince us that women are equally as good as men. In my opinion this may be an understatement.

The other day I combed the local stores for my very own “Why Not” button. Much to my disappointment, I was unable to find one. I had to settle for a “Happy Face” button instead.

I am wondering why we women get only one year out of 1,975, so far? Who benefits from the other 1,974 years past? The boy scouts got one year I believe. I seem to recall the R.C.M.P. having a year in their honour not long ago. Centennial year was 1967. That still leaves 1,971 years to be accounted for.

I think women deserve more than one year every second millennium! After all, there have always been a lot of women around. Maybe some of us should to go Ottawa and demand a few more years for our very own.

One year I think we should claim is 1492. After all it was Queen Isabella who financed Columbus’ cruise. All he did was discover America and then he didn’t even recognize it when he saw it. He thought it was India. All he was interested in was spices. I’m sure if his wife had been along she would have recognized a good thing when she saw it.

Someone has suggested that wearing a “Why Not” button could be suggestive. At least as far as men are concerned. Some men may not realize the significance of the slogan “Why Not”. They may not know that it stands for high ideals and the cause of uplifting and improving women’s employment opportunities in the rough, tough world of male domination. These men (obviously not tuned in to CBC radio and TV) may think the words “Why Not” mean submission rather than competition. For those women who fear this misinterpretation I suggest wearing a happy face button instead. Besides they are easier to find and harmonize much better with the spring styles.

For those women and men too who must have their “Why Not” buttons, I suggest writing Mr. Trudeau in Ottawa. I am sure he must have plenty in stock. If you wait a few months they may sell at a tremendous discount. If you wait until near the end of the year you may get them for nothing – possibly gift-wrapped at no extra charge. They may make good Christmas gifts for those hard to buy for people on your list.

Your husband or wife may never forgive you but you could throw in a mink coat and/or a sports car as an added extra……

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