Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC


April 5, 1979  Sense and Nonsense

To visit Vancouver and then return to the snow covered Central Interior during the month of March, should be the ultimate in masochistic experiences. Warm sunshine, green grass, daffodils, birds, buds and even bumblebees – Why does anyone have to live anywhere else! This time we travelled by air, a new experience for me. After leaving Prince George, we barely had time to finish our breakfasts before the mountainous terrain below flattened out and we were skimming over the Fraser Valley. I mentally thumbed my nose at every Greyhound bus, train and automobile I have ever known!

Visiting my mother is always a healthful experience for me. She usually lives in a building where cigarette smoking is not permitted. Last time I visited her, she lived in a basement suite and I had smoking privileges, but only in the back yard. This was fine until evening approached- the time when I usually indulge in my number one bad habit. Three locked doors, one with a sturdy chain attached, separated me from the great outdoors. Alter unlocking three doors, one has the feeling that there must be muggers, rapists and murderers lurking behind every shrub in the semi-darkness.

Needless to say, I never got past the second puff before scurrying back indoors!

My mother now lives in an apartment suite next door to a church. Each evening I strolled past the church to the bus stop bench to enjoy my cigarette. Nobody would mug me in front of the First Baptist church, would they??

I never received an answer to a riddle I composed while riding on the B.C. Hydro buses. How many busers can squeeze into a bus after the bus is full?

I had to admire the composure of the drivers and in particularly, one who regularly drove the Fraser St. bus. We heard a loud noise as the bus was making a sharp turn and then it rolled to a stop. Apparently it had “slipped its wire”. This happened “9 times out of 10″ according to one seasoned passenger. Our driver, calmly chewing his gum, stepped out and climbed up to re-hook his bus to the transit wire. Next day as we were driving through rush hour traffic, we noticed a bus stalled in a particularly heavy traffic area. The driver was our gum-chewing friend and he was re-hooking the same bus to an overhead wire. The serene expression on his face was unbelievable in the midst of a sea of frantic, horn-honking commuter cars!

At Stanley Park we spent a lot of time visiting the fish in the Aquarium. We watched the whales go through their routines at feeding time, and as usual I ran out of film before Skana did her really big trick. Someday I will paste together all the pictures I have taken of the various parts of her huge anatomy

Back home we enthusiastically regaled my husband with tales of birds, flowers and green grass. For proof our four-year-old handed her dad an envelope filled with grass plucked from “Grandma’s lawn in Vancouver”.

“We have green grass here, too,” he smiled. “And the robins and bluebirds are back.”

Robins! Bluebirds! Green grass! Sure enough, between patches of crumbly snow were some strands of green grass … last year’s crop to be sure, but green grass just the same. Who needs Vancouver, anyway!

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