Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC


So glad I purchased one of Lynne Hanson’s CDs. Really enjoyed her musicality, both her guitar playing and her beautiful voice, during this evening’s concert at the Legion. But I wasn’t able to pick up on all the lyrics because I’m becoming more and more “audio-challenged” [translation: deaf] as years go by.

I’m pleased that the words to Lynne’s songs were included with the CD. The lyrics to “Stronger” are what’s been going through my mind lately.  Especially the line that goes, “You can curse or you can pray, world spins anyway”
[That’s when I need to remember to get on my knees]

Stronger by Lynne Hanson & Lynn Miles

Some things don’t make us better they just break us
Make us holler to the sky and ask how could you forsake us
You can’t always win this game, some things won’t ever be the same
It’s living with the pain that shapes and makes us.

chorus: I used to believe in the stories
Where the good guys win, the underdogs get the glory
I don’t believe it any longer
Sometimes what don’t kill you won’t make you stronger

Heart of steel only bends so far
It’s the deepest cuts that always leave a scar
It’s not weak to bleed, sometimes tears are what you need
It’s the toughest lessons teach us who we are.

chorus:Even the tallest mountains crumble
Most graceful dancers sometimes stumble
You can curse or you can pray, World spins anyway,
It’s the biggest mistakes that make us humble.


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