Do You Wanna Get Religion?

I am a lucky woman in that I have friends and relatives of all genders, cultures, personal choices,  disabilities, personalities, races and religions.  And probably a few other things I don’t know or care about.

I spent much of my life not really worrying about religion.  My friends and relatives were mostly atheists or agnostics and I sort of categorized myself as being one of the latter. But sometimes things happen in life where you want a bit of enlightment.  Anyway in my decling years I have come to a few conclusions about how to make life easier for myself.

The best part of joining a religious faith is that it empowers you to believe in God. In my younger years I’d sometimes  surmised, “It would be so nice if there really were a god but there is no real evidence that there is one.”  It wasn’t until a situation came up in my life that I found myself reaching out for some spiritual assistance. I discovered that I no longer had to fight battles that I could not win; that I could call out “Please!” to the universe and wait upon the expectation of saying of “Thank you.” I had finally got religion and for me it was a good thing.









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