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Gadzooks- why do I not know these things? I decided to order tickets from what I assumed was a ticket office located in Prince George or at least somewhere in Canada. One month later- yesterday- I received my Visa bill. Yikes!! Can’t phone because phone lines are backed up.  But I did have an email address:

Dear Sir or Ma’am:

I am a senior living in Fraser Lake BC about 100 miles west of Prince George BC. I saw the article in the Prince George Citizen newspaper that Bob Dylan – my son who suffers from schizophrenia’s favorite singer- was performing in Prince George on July 22, 2017. The article stated tickets could be purchased for around 75. 00.

I ordered tickets online and stated I could receive them electronically – at the time I thought I was lucky to get them at 112.00 per ticket which was somewhat higher than expected but my son’s enjoyment would be worth the cost. Then of course I was shocked to see the “Order Summary” purchased on my Visa account totaled $307.02

I am on Old Age Pension and I really kicked myself when I read the very tiny print at the bottom of the printed page that it was USD which my aging brain finally interpreted as meaning it was United States dollars. I almost needed a microscope to read it and I had not seen any reference to US dollars in the stated price that was shown online.

I have been somewhat worried about that as it was more than I could really afford. But now I can hardly believe it- on my Visa Statement there is a deduction for $421.31 – How can that be!! Apparently the 307 original total which was categorized as being in US funds has once again been catapulted into being converted- Something really stinks in that and I am extremely upset.

I want to cancel that order! I do not have that kind of money for something other than rent and groceries!  I haven’t paid my Visa bill yet!

Secure Tix Support via freshdesk.com 
1:07 PM (1 hour ago)
to me

Good Afternoon Doris,

Thank you for contacting us today and I would be happy to assist you with any clarifications regarding this purchase! We do try to be as transparent as possible within our website of how we operate on the secondary market for ticket sales. Ticket prices are sold based on market value, which includes factors such as popularity of event, the number tickets left available, section/row, etc… This means that market value prices could fluctuate either more or less than that of the face value. A complete cost breakdown for your order was provided throughout the checkout process and during the last page prior to confirming this purchase. Also next to the confirm purchase button was the disclosure indicating that all tickets purchases would be in USD. We sell tickets for events both domestically as well as internationally, thus why we have that standard for all orders. The Canadian exchange rate does fluctuate often, so my best suggestion if you would like to know that current exchange rate would be to consult with your financial institution for more details.

We do completely understand your concerns regarding this purchase Doris and want to try to alleviate this stress as best as we can. However we are unable to cancel your order at this time. When you press the place order button, you enter into an agreement with the seller to purchase these tickets. This is why we cannot cancel, exchange, or refund the tickets. At this time if you are no longer interested in using these tickets, I would suggest trying to resell them independently. There are a variety of alternate websites in which you would be able to post these tickets up for sale. For example, you may research these reselling websites by doing a quick Internet search of the phrase “sell my tickets” to see which site you would like to utilize to sell your tickets. There is also the option of advertising your tickets for sale within social media event pages. There would also be the old fashion method of asking people you may know that would be interested in purchasing your tickets.

Feel free to reply to this email if you have any additional questions.

Karen R. 

Customer Support
Ticket Fulfillment Services

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  1. Sonja Turcotte said:

    I fell for US $ as well on a plane ticket and only discovered it when the Visa bill came. Tricky business

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