April 20th Poem

Virginia’s writing prompt for a poem: Find a favorite recipe. Now write a poem inspired or in the style of that recipe about a family secret—yours or someone else’s.

Broccoli Salad

Broccoli is good for you
Cut in tiny curly cues
Celery sliced so very thin
Green onions add and then begin:
Toast your slivered almond wisps
Fry some bacon ‘til it’s crisp
Add to veggies when it’s crumbled
Stir some grapes into this jumble
One cup red and one cup green
Looks like a Merry Christmas scene
Before you add the mayo, sugar
Contemplate this secret riddle:
If we eat your broccoli
Sliced onions and the celery
Will that not balance on the side
The extra bacon that you fried?

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