April 6 Poem:


An Ordinary Man
That’s what he was
Just an ordinary man
Never got no medals
For doing what he can…
He excelled at many things
I admired him for that
He also had some issues
That were wrong and that’s a fact.
But an ordinary man
Can be better than the best
Once addiction and compulsion
Have been faced and passed the test.
Just an ordinary man
Never asked for credit
For the good advice he’d shown
Enjoyed it when the children
Embraced life when they left home
If they encountered trouble
He’d say “Hold your head up high,
For sure you will get through it
When circumstances go awry.”
Just an ordinary man….
Musician pals were precious
Pleasant melodies in mind
Friends and family playing tunes
Guitar strumming in behind
Unpretentious, unassuming
For himself he’d do without
He’d prefer to be out hunting
Or fishing for a trout
And if you were out there with him
He’d be happier than you
If you were to catch “the big one”
And he only caught a few.

An ordinary man who was
Married to an ordinary woman.

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