Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC

I went to the Art Show
looked around
and it was like
music to my eyes
food for my soul
Such a mosaic of colours
shapes, sizes, textures
It filled my inner sanction
with gobs of sweetness,
spiciness and even saltiness
Tiny pieces of fabric
sewn together to compose
a colourful landscape
Musical instruments
taken apart, carved
painted, re-glued
to create new beauty
from metal and wood
Glass, bits of rock and metal
heated and spun
into various shapes, sizes
and intricate designs
Paintings in delicate, lifelike
colours alongside bolder
more esoteric scenery
Drawings studiously etched
into authentic sketches
of children and buildings.
Multimedia excursions
to create memorabilia
both harmonizing
and contrasting
Photographs of animals,
flowers, birds, posing
in pleasing and diverse fashion
My inner sanction is satiated


A dead tree in a gravel pit
its skeletal bones
clinging tenuously
to a gnarly spine
Something about that
dead tree
comforts me.
It’s endured weather
from blistering heat
to bitter cold
wind gusts swirling
about the huge open
wound carved by
cutting away sections
of earth from the hillside
leaving only rocks, scrub
brush, and the old dead
reigning King of the Hill
arrogant and not about
to topple over
anytime soon!

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