LAZARUS JEWEL BOX (silly poem #52)

“Lazarus Jewel Box” is the name of a type of clam shell. Today’s prompt
inspired me to write about the loss of a few items from an earlier time.

I once had a shiny grey jewelry box
It was filigreed all over
With a windmill on top
My dad was from Holland
So that may have been where
The pretty thing came from
And been mine to share.

But I lost it….

A diamond ring that was mine as a bride
Was too large for my finger
But I wore it with pride.
It disappeared at a long-ago dance
For the person who found it
A luckier chance.

But I was devastated…

My first-born infant was given a pair
Of beaded moccasins,
Too big to wear
One ended up in the washing machine
The buckskin had shrunk
To the size of a bean.

And my baby never got to wear them…

My mom-in-law made us a quilt, bless her heart
I used it and washed it
’til it fell apart
I cannot remember
If I put it away
But it’s gone and
I wish we still had it today

Oh well, it kept us warm when we needed it.

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