POLITICS IN THE 90s (silly poem #51)

Letters to Santa from Politicians in
the 1990s

Dear Santa Clause, let’s make a deal,
An election goodie I’ll reveal,
Next year as you zip through the night,
Faster than a Westjet flight,
One gift to all will be from me,
‘Cause I will trim the G.S.T.
But only if you’ll stuff a rock,
In Paul Martin’s Christmas sock!
Signed: Stephen Harper

Dear Santa, I’ve been proved to be,
“Innocent” by Gomerey,
I knew not when, why or how much,
Cash by corrupt hands was touched,
Cretien was the big boss back then,
So please, please, let me try again!
I promise to be good for months–
Until the next “non-confidence”
Signed: Paul Martin

Dear Santa Clause, I’ll sing my tune,
‘Bout how to spend some money soon,
To help the homeless, addicts, sick,
As on our streets they sprawl and splick.
And birds will dance and bees will sing,
And Gays will wear a wedding ring,
Happy we’ll be forever after,
Please Santa, cease your raucous laughter!
Signed: Jack Layton

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