Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC

WIFE-HOOD? (silly poem #50)

(Both Margaret Trudeau & Princess Margaret had
separated- 1970s)

Wife-hood doesn’t always set
With gals who’re christened Margaret
If a Margaret shares your Chargex
Your marriage may become letharg-ex!

Elizabeths have sometimes tarried
With the men they later married
Their marriages are doomed to failure
(Especially if they’re last name’s ‘Taylor’)

In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra
Loved Caesar, Anthony, etc-a-tra
Her lovers died and so did she
In unrequited misery!

It seems to me that gals whose names
Are longest fail the mating games
Anns and Marys have less strife
While Eve was Adam’s only wife.

All the Margarets at large
Should insist on simply “Marge”
And gals who’re called Elizabeth
Should use the shortened form of “Beth.”

Perhaps the Cleos out in Egypt
Abbreviated, would not be gypped
Out of lifelong wedded bliss…
Unless of course, they’d rather miss!

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