TRAILER PARK BLUES (1970s) silly poem # 48


The sewers plugged, they said to me
It’s causing some disharmony
The trailers at this end and down
Are “flushing” mostly on the ground

Be prepared, quite soon, to move
The backhoe has to dig a groove
Although your plumbing’s doing fine
There’s “dirty water” down the line!

They yanked my trailer and they tugged
It finally budged from snow and mud!
On the road it sat that day
And there, I thought, we’d have to stay!

That night when it was getting dark
They found a spot for us to park
We slept that night before we knew
Of our new “panoramic” view!

The trailer court is on a hill
Man-made from many tons of fill
Our kitchen rested in its place
Our bedrooms hung way out in space!

The baffle, loosened from the tow
Unknown to us had slipped below
For one whole day our furnace ran
Before it “frazzled” up its fan

Our home was mobilized once more
To a space that fits our floor
The sundeck that I built last Fall
Is yours – if you can find it all!

Our skirting will no longer fit
Our water freezes where we sit
And lately I have seen a sign
Of “dirty water” down the line!!

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