Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC

Christmas Bus Trip [1970s]

Alarm clock bells, alarm clock bells,
We must be on our way
Oh what sense is it to ride,
A Greyhound bus today!

Waiting in the snow,
For a crowded Greyhound bus,
Today the bus is slow,
‘Cause it’s the Christmas rush!

Cars on highways slide,
Headlights shining bright,
What a drag to rise and ride
A Greyhound bus to-night!

Meeting relatives:

Verses 1-7 Refer to eighth verse.

Verse 8: On the eighth day of Christmas
My true love met with me
Eight aunts and uncles!
Seven sister’s siblings!
Six kissing cousins!
Five adult offspring!
Four grandkids growing!
Three son-in-laws!
Two brand new babies!
And in every house a
Christmas turkey!

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