ICE-CREAM FLAVOURS (silly poem #41)


Brownies on the Moon
Caramel Typhoon
so much to love
and so little room.
Banana Tiger
Monster Pop
gourmet choices
do not stop.
Rocky Road
Island Fantasy
excursions t’where
I cannot be.
Heavenly Hash
my brain’s already
playing tricks.
Oreo Cookies
Cookie Dough
d’you bake your own
before you go?
Cotton Candy
kids may find
those flavours dandy.
I prefer Pralines and Cream
and Chocolate Revel’s
in my dreams.
Strawberry Cheesecake
Chocolate Fudge
all laced with antifreeze
and sludge,
or so I’ve read in
‘bout the perils
of ice-cream.
And so today as I choose a killer
I think I’ll have just plain vanilla.

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