Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC

SEX??? (silly poem #35)

SEX?? (1950s)

A logger with his wife and brood
Drove out from camp to buy some food
They parked out by the general store,
Then they all filed in through the door.

The family split in all directions
The children for the candy section,
His wife said as she checked the mail,
“The hunting licences are on sale.”

“That’s right, I’ll buy one right away,”
Our hero then was heard to say,
He went upstairs to where they sold them,
“I’ll want a tag or two,” he told them.

The clerk then asked his questions plain,
His birth-date, address and his name,
His wife’s name and his children’s all,
The logger answered with a drawl.

Then came the question that was next,
The one that queried as to sex,
He blushed, then cleared his throat and coughed and,
Answered, “Not so very often…”

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