AN INTERESTING AUSSIE (silly poem #28)


Contrary to all kanga rumour
Only Papa’s called a Boomer
He’s far away and roaming free
When Mama has her family

With bean-sized baby in her pouch
(I wonder if she murmured “ouch”)
She hops along the kanga trail
And misses not her kanga male

Her firstborn Joey’s by her side
Cause now he is too big to ride
And Baby’s buttoned to her vest
All safe within the mobile nest

When hungry Joey wants his meals
A soda fountain she reveals
The tiny siphon and another
A richer formula for brother

And Mother has another trick
The ultimate insurance bit
She has an embryo “on hold”
If babe at breast should die of cold

Confined in an arrested state
This almost baby does await
Unique among all nature’s laws
Called embryonic diapause

If all goes well and infant thrives
The embryo sometimes survives
And it is born and takes its place
To help increase the Kanga race

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