ON S-SPEECH – silly poem # 24

A man who stutters whenever he speaks
Told us this story of how he spent weeks
Touring the garages and making the rounds
Searching for work in Vancouver town.

He entered a tire shop near Hastings and Main
They needed some help, the sign made it plain
The manager nodded, then said, “Yes, I would
Put you to work, if you spoke like you should.”

Our friend looked at him with a tolerant sigh
Then shrugging his shoulders, he gave his reply
Said, “Before I g-go, I’ll m-make you a deal”

“Do you see that t-tire over there on the wheel?
I’ve f-five hundred dollars right here in my pocket
I’ll g-give it to you, if you can t-talk it,
Off of that w-wheel, it’d be worth all my money”
The manager answered, “You’re hired, Sonny!”

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