Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC


Another World is on T.V. – it sells soap by the box,
Enough to wash a million shirts and fourteen zillion socks.
The show gets longer every year, ‘til now it’s half-a-day
With Iris in her spin-off spot, they’ve bumped the matinee

The characters within the show covet each other’s wife
They lie and cheat and murder too, much more than in real life.
Another World has come and gone but I have missed a few
Lately I have lost the track of who has married who

There’s Clarise, Larry, Joey, Kit, Charlie, Aida, Liz…
Is Blaine still evil in her ways? She’s worse than Iris is!
Do Gwen and Willis share a bed and business office too?
If so, it’s time that they split up as other couples do.

And Max – I hear he’s happy now remarried to his wife
Janis had him for a while – but tried to take his life
Rachel has her Max at home but Mitch is on the phone
Says he’s the father of the child that Max thinks is his own

Another World is on T.V. and ‘though you think me puerile –
I’d hate to miss the day when Max finds out that he is sterile!

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