My Patience Plant – silly poem #18

I have a patience plant that blooms
With pretty flowers in my rooms
I feed it love and tender care
And water often as I dare

Its place is where its beauty shows
Up there beside the radio
And underneath and to the right
The T.V.s at a different height

The record player’s up above
Our teenage daughters’ special love
They play their music loud and clear
Its echoes deafen mother’s ear

I’ve heard the horticulturists say
That plants can hear though idle lay
That music can affect their lust
And conversation is a must

When oft upon my couch I lie,
I see with disbelieving eye
That each stalk rising from the roots
Is different from the other shoots

There’s one that stretches straight and tall
Although its leaves are rather small
It thrives upon the Morning Show,
Which daily’s on the radio

I swear this branch is inches longer
Than the others and much stronger
Its leaves are of a shiny green
And glow with intellectual sheen

The one behind has leaves much bigger
That cluster from a twisted figure
It seems to writhe when music plays
And in its pot it swing and sways

Behind my back I sometimes think
That its tiny flowers wink
It’s full of deviltry I know
And teenage music is its soul

The graceful stalk that leans and bends
Toward the television sends
A thrill of joy up through my heart
Its beauty is a thing apart

It loves the cartoons that are funny
And blossoms quiver at Bugs Bunny
But when The Evening News comes on
It droops its leaves and rests ‘til dawn

Although my plant is monolithic
Its branches must be conjoined triplets…?

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