BREEM- silly poem #10

Creative writing project, based on when we moved to town.

“BREEM”: “a term applied to the female swine
when she desires the male…”

Said Porky Pig, “We’ve p-packed to go,
Our p-place has s-sold, we can’t say ‘no’
Petunia b-blames me for the move,
Though I recall a d-different groove.

“At Christmas t-time she s-spouted words
Which at the t-time I thought absurd
‘We’re out-of-t-town,’ she w-whined and moaned
‘I’m missing f-fun and g-games,’ she groaned.

“’The r-roads are icy,’” was her pitch,
“Our c-car may end up in the d-ditch,
And think of all the money g-gleaned
From b-bank account on gasoline!’”

“So now our p-property’s changed hands,
Our s-stuff is in the m-moving van,
Petunia’s having t-tearful fits,
And I’ve been in some n-nasty snits.

“Who d-dreamed up this idea?” I asked,
‘Twas y-you, not m-me, who m-multitasked.
You p-painted, s-scrubbed, p-put up the sign,
‘House for s-sale.’ – ‘twas yours, not mine!”

“But n-now we’ve f-finally acquiesced,
We’re in our c-comfy, c-cosy nest
Petunia’s says it’s like a d-dream
And I am p-pleased – she’s in her breem!”

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