CRAFT FAIRS (silly poem #8)

Craft Fairs! Craft Fairs! How I love those Craft Fairs!

Foodstuff and clothing and goodies galore
Tables that stretch as far as the door!
Trinkets created from metals and stone
Buttons from antlers, chopsticks from bone

Statues of animals carved out of wood
Meticulously finished to look as they should
The tables that fold are ones I have bought
Those fashioned from twigs have mosaic tops

Cathy has artwork – amazing displays
She will hold workshops on upcoming days
Bonnie’s cloth diapers for wee babies’ rumps
No need for Pampers which end up in dumps

Jean’s Jams and Jellies – a popular series
Are missing a favourite cause no huckleberries!
Tables with Tupperware, decorative themes
Lots of cosmetics, cleaners and creams

Intricate needlework – embroidery, lace
Pottery ‘n glassware stylishly spaced
There’s healing and helping – holistic boutiques
Take home a pamphlet describing techniques

The Cancer Group’s here – there’s Historical stuff
But if you are leaving ‘cause that’s not enough
Stop in the hallway and have a good look
I’ll show you displays of my latest book.

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