The Life & Death of Minnie Mouse (silly poem#6)

(A eulogy for a resident mouse)

Deep within the tunnelled woodwork,
Of an old but sturdy house,
Behind the kitchen sink and cupboard,
Dwells the family of a mouse,
Sixteen children and a spouse,
Make their home there in that house.

Commuting daily ‘cross the carpets,
To the stairway in the hall,
Beneath the crumbling cement casing,
Minnie Mouse works at the mall,
In a rodent restaurant small,
Below the stairway in the hall.

Now she scampers happ’ly homeward,
With just reward for drudging days,
Paycheque clutched tight
In her cheekbones,
She has finally got a raise,
Proud she is and proud displays,
As she scurries through the maze.

But a lean and hungry housecat,
Waits for her upon the stair,
When she exits from the mouse hole,
He will have his supper there,
Later, those of hers who care,
Find her paycheque on the stair…

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