Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC


A man that I know
Is both kind and he’s wise,
On discrimination
He’s made these replies.
“The world is my neighbour,”
He solemnly sighs,
“All races are equal,
All colours and size.”

He speaks from the heart
But the words are all lies.

The houseguest’s small brain
Cannot analyse
The hate and the anger
Alive in those eyes,
From hand raised in fury
She fearfully shies,
“I need warmth, I need shelter,”
She silently cries.

“I’m different, I’m black,
You’re kind and you’re wise!”

The murderous slap
Is a dreadful surprise,
“Oh why is my form
Such a shape you despise?
Her diminutive body
Its swiftness belies,
And speed is an asset
You well may surmise.

All alone with a man,
Who seeks her demise.

“Asleep in your bedroom
Your nightlight implies,
That you need a companion
In whatever guise,
Your love and affection
I may yet realise,”
The houseguest caresses
The man as he lies.

From slumber awakened
He opens his eyes.

Of sleeping once more
He assumes the disguise,
With eyelids a-droop
But with breath on the rise,
His guest flaunts her body
With innocent plies,
A slap of his hand
And she instantly dies,

The last of a species
Of late autumn flies .

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