Rhymes, Rants & Accolades from North Central BC

My granddaughter Jennel just posted a spiel on Facebook that at one o’clock in the morning, appeals to me to greatly. Thanks Jennel, for letting me put this on my blog. I WANT THE WHOLE WORLD TO READ THIS!!!!

Oh right, you didn’t give me permission to put this on my blog…. But I know you will. You have the same need I have to communicate what’s important. And interesting. As well as having a whole lot of talent to put your thoughts out in easily digestible language.

From Jennel Harder:

“Over a year ago through the wonders of social media and the cross connected world that we all share, I made a friend.

Our opening conversations were random, sometimes ridiculous but every so often spotted with straight up stark honest questions, which followed by answers regarding our different worlds, culture and beliefs.

He’d ask questions like explaining different slangs in English and everyone’s need to use the F-word every second word (try to translate that) and I’d counter with “do you really poop like that, sitting?!?!??” I’d cry about the struggle with my kids and he’d give me perspective of food, shelter, clothing, education and health of my kids. We’d talk about politics and history, most of which I learned along the way. In any case it was an education in life matters.

It wasn’t long before we turned to the more meaty matters of this world. It couldn’t be avoided after the Paris and San Bernardino Bombings. We would discuss the heart of the world and how sadness plagued mankind. I sat on my comfy warm couch in my safe and non violent country, and he in his base, or tank or resting while on a mission.

There wasn’t a subject or topic that we didn’t discuss. The willingness to step outside our comfort zones and debate the matters of this world, albeit mixed with his wonderment of my absurd personality and grotesquely underestimated sense of humour, followed with times of shock at my bluntness and flat out hyped opinionated flare for drama. I’m sure there have been a few eye rolls.

Most times the conversations were calm and in genuine friendship and then there were times where my pride and indignant pestering poked at the heavy subjects of our cultural differences and fear based prejudices which tested his ever calm response. Yet he persevered and with such tact and dignity.

So why am I writing about him?

Well, he’s taught me a valuable lesson. We are all created equal. We are all created in the image of God and all seek a desire to know and be known. We all have these dark recesses within our heart that define who we’re are. Do we lay claim to them and tuck them away secretly and hide in shame only to have fear shape our world? Or do we ask questions? Do we get to know another’s heart journey only to grow in our own.

If you want to know why you believe something or why you carry foundational truths, engage in friendly conversations with another whose world is juxtaposed to yours. Challenge yourself and get to know how to have those conversations.
Too many people shape their world within the confines of a fear. God is so much bigger than anything in this world, there’s no reason for fear.
Get to know those around you. Be silent and listen. Get to know the depth of yourself by standing up for your truths in conversation but staying soft in love for others.

Firstly, If prayer is a part of your life, I ask that you would pray for my friend. Without going into detail, his life makes our life seem elementary. Otherwise, if prayer is not in your daily routine, keep him in your thoughts.
Secondly, have those conversations with others and gain understanding. Life is much more abundant than when we stand stagnant and unchallenged in our own little world.

Lastly. Stay true to the truths that which define you but do so in gentleness.

You might just make a friend.”

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