2016 Recreation & Small Business Expo on Saturday

Doris’s Books Table #22

THE FAIRIES OF FAIRYOPIA Children’s bedtime stories about wee folk residing on a tiny island off the coast of Vancouver Island. (Grandmother approved content)

THE BOY ON THE ROAD stories relevant to the rough and tumble frontier life of Northern BC and the Cariboo. (Guys like these stories)

NORTH COUNTRY RHYMES AND BALLADS song lyrics and rhymes that celebrate the wilderness and rural spirit of north central British Columbia.

STUFF ‘N NONSENSE POEMS (Volumes 1 and 2) whimsical, fanciful, rhymes and non-rhymes.

THE GHOSTS BEHIND HIM non-fiction (family dealing with loved one’s schizophrenia) published by Caitin Press in 1999. Copies are available from the publishing company. Delivery time: 3 to 4 weeks.

COMMON THREADS fictionalised biography set in London England, South China and Vancouver Canada in early part of 20th century. Published by Libros Libertad in 2009.

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