Our Heroes

Remembrance Day was on November 11th: We commemorated Canada’s soldiers who fought in past wars, where many died or were severely injured. We have also begun recognizing the efforts of everyday heroes, categorized as First Responders (fire, police and ambulance workers)

I once wrote a poem about Rick Hansen, celebrated as a hero back in the nineteen eighties. Rick’s efforts upgraded the lives and living conditions of so many who were suffering from spinal cord injuries. Around the same time, Oprah Winfrey hosted what would become a very popular TV talk show. I categorized Oprah as being my second favorite hero of the era. Oprah’s show dealt with a great many previously hidden societal illnesses and living situations.


As heroes fare
There’s no one out there
Who can top “The Man in Motion”
He traversed the globe
From ocean to ocean
In a manual wheelchair

In my mind’s eye
There was once a young guy
With a fishing rod in hand
He’d caught a few fish,
Enough for a dish
As he roamed the rural bush land.

Riding home in a truck
His share of good luck
Ran out for the rest of his life
When the accident left
His spine badly bent
Depression cut in like a knife.

A natural athlete
He began to repeat
The gym-work which must be incurred
To build up his strength
To wheelchair the length
Of a journey around the world

Folks gave him donations
As he crossed their nations
Money for research ‘n support
He became the speaker
For those who were weaker
And the ones in handicapped sports

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