Political Poems From the Past

WE LOVED YOU WELL (Pierre Elliot Trudeau)

We loved you well when you stepped down,
And you were misty-eyed,
Canadians from coast to coast
Were really unified.

His farewell speech he made before
The Tories were brought down
Then he came back to lead the pack
To make Joe Clark the clown.

The budget to reduce the debt,
Was his offensive score,
The cost of the election made it,
Many millions more.

He campaigned in a furtive way,
And kept his profile low,
His only promise – that he’d quit,
Won him the Gallup Poll.

Election Day arrived again,
The polls all closed at eight,
And that was when the West found out,
That we were rather late.

The television tuned us in,
To Trudeau’s victory,
With not a Grit to grace the house,
From Moose Jaw to BC!

We loved you well when you stepped down,
And left the federal scene,
We loved you well for awhile until,
Your resurrection scheme!


There’s new kids in the ball park now,
Joe Clark’s the Captain’s name,
He’s “first up” on the batter’s list,
And it’s a brand new game.

Joe swings his bat – “The Embassy,
I’ll move it is I can!”
When he strikes out – it’s clean up time,
And Flora’s spic and span!

One and one’s the count right now,
Ron Atkey’s up to bat,
The Arab pitch is wild – inside,
And Ron is laid out flat!

Pinch hitting is an older kid,
A quiet cautious face,
Bob checks the wind, spits on the ground,
And bunts – he’s first on base!

Flora smiles on second,
And Stanfield’s smiling back,
But there’s no joy in Crosbie’s heart,
His “budget” ball is cracked!

John hails from the East Coast,
And wishes he were there,
No matter how he throws that ball,
The crowd will shout “Unfair!”

His “mortgage interest” ball is nice,
It’s curving to the plate.
But it’s knocked high and wide and foul,
By “bank loan interest rate!”

Lougheed’s on the pitcher’s mound,
But Bill is heard to cry,
“I’ll not play ball with that rich kid,
His oil is much too high!”

“Play nice,” says Joe, “Together now,
You know that was my plan,
We’ll share the ball and play the game,
And I’ll sell Petrocan!”

Ron Atkey’s back and he swings hard
At unemployment cheques,
A foul one there; then he aims for
The “baby bonus” next.

The game goes on, the crowd is bored,
We almost miss Trudeau,
Ten years was too much of him,
Six months enough of Joe….

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