Okay, so life goes on…. What’s for breakfast? I suppose one should have protein. What’s in the fridge? Aha eggs! But I hate eggs. I spot the butt end of a loaf of homemade bread purchased at one of the Friday afternoon markets. I carve off two slices and dip them in beaten egg diluted with ½ and ½ cream. Fry them up brown and eat them topped with gobs of butter and rhubarb sauce. (Wished I had some whipped cream.) I wash it down with coffee made in my one-cup coffee maker. Nice healthful breakfast.

Time to check the blood pressure: Doggone good numbers if I do say so myself! My doctor would be proud.

Exercise options: should I strut across the highway to fetch the newspaper or dance aerobically to music in the bedroom? (“Winding up your clock,” as my husband used to call it.)

But first I’ll phone my brother and listen to some guy talk. He tells me about his latest attempt to slim down Rusty his aging, obese dog. It’s called “No Calorie Dog Food.” It’s twice the price of ordinary dog chow but money-back guarantee if dog won’t eat it. And he has a fish story to tell me.

The fish aren’t biting much lately, he tells me. But he did have a big one on the line awhile back. Almost had it to the boat when a loon swam over, dived down after the fish and took it to the bottom of the lake. The line broke and my brother went home fish-less.

That reminds me of a time when we were fishing on Hallett Lake. An eagle swooped down from the sky, scarping up my husband’s catch of the day. The swoosh of its big wings startled me so much I almost fell out of the boat. Husband laughed about that for days!

It’s too nice a day not to be outdoors. Besides, I need to weed and water my garden box. Last summer the deer came and clear-cutted most of the greenery. This year I’ve been spraying with a mix of hot sauce, garlic, egg and cayenne pepper. Seems to be working.

I’ve decided to keep my husband’s scooter. “I’m practicing for my old age,” I tell people when they ask about it. Who am I trying to kid? I’ve already got most of the symptoms. Anyway, today I am bold enough to drive it all the way down to the park to take a stroll along the lakeshore. I manage to avoid the joggers, trains and automobiles and park in full view of a beautifully matched 4-horse team that’s being hitched to a covered buckboard. Amazing how the horses have been trained to back up so nicely in unison! It’s the Fraser Lake Sawmill’s Picnic and I assume the buckboard will soon be loading up passengers to follow the roadway and admire the view.

On my stroll I notice the size and quantity of the saskatoon berries. ‘Tis a good year for the berries. And it’s a good day for me. I am invited to enjoy a hamburger. I don’t have to cook anything for lunch!

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