BERLIN (The Divided Self) by Bruce Ray – November 1989

“The wall!  The wall is coming down!”

O glad night, that you could see this day

O bright heart, that you could speak these words

The wall;  the knife that separates

Badge of the divided self…

O hated wall you cannot speak

but if you could

You would say  “NO!”

with cold guarded breath


“The wall!  The wall is coming down!”

I curse the hesitant that hold us back

and I swear on my grave that I will die

a free man

Behold the soldier…

How he stands with disbelief

No, he cannot believe his eyes

But the wall crumbles nevertheless


The divided self cannot endure

The crippled will walk anew

and the stifled cry of lovers will

change the broken heart of man

The tyrant falls to pieces

like the shattered idol of the state

shiny and polished

but too fragile and delicate

to withstand the wind of the people

that expands in anger

and threatens to bring down every foundation

every wall that lives in us


“The wall!  The wall is coming down!”

Every heart is a crucible in darkness

And every hand will rise to touch the sun

Rejoice!  For the night is on fire

Oh, the stars are falling

but I am not afraid…

This is not how they said it would be!

Every spirit walks in splendor

and every mouth is fed with food for the soul

Now I can sing…




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