April 26th Poem by Doris

Prompt: a curtal sonnet is shorter than a normal sonnet. It has a first stanza of six lines,followed by a second stanza of four, and then closes with a half-line.

Oh how I’d love to have a sleep-filled night,

For rested  mind;  blithe spirit; muscle strength,

A sleep of seven hours, or even more in length,

Oh how I’d love to lie in inert slumber,

No worries; aches or pains; no thoughts encumbered,

‘Til soft and gentle glow of morning light.


Instead I toss and turn and read while I’m awake,

Check my Facebook; email; puzzles on the go,

Bathroom jaunts occur each hour or so,

I should do some housework; make a pie or cake,

But I’m too tired.

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